KANSAS CITY, Mo. — First the Kansas City Chiefs were in trouble.

Then they weren’t.

Then they were winning. By a lot.

And if you went to make a snack, grab another beer or, understandable at one point if you were a Chiefs fan, turned off the TV in disgust, you can be forgiven if you had to do a doubletake when you realized what a wild, raucous, circus-without-the-tent, hot mess of a game had broken out.

On a game that can barely be explained, let alone ever duplicated, the Chiefs staged the most epic of comebacks, needing all of 10 minutes to erase a 24-point deficit. Patrick Mahomes threw for four touchdowns in the second quarter, joining Doug Williams as the only quarterback to do that in the playoffs, and the Chiefs scored 41 unanswered points as they bamboozled the Houston Texans 51-31 and reached the AFC title game for a second consecutive year.

The comeback was the largest in Chiefs history and made Kansas City the first team ever to lead or tie at the half after trailing by 24 points.

As for the Texans, coach Bill O’Brien has some explaining to do. It was Houston’s decision to go for it on fourth-and-4 at the team’s own 31 – one drive after kicking a field…