Getting a first-round bye might signal a sizable advantage in the divisional round, but fans of the teams playing at home this weekend shouldn’t make conference title game plans just yet.

Sure, no team to play on wild-card weekend has reached the Super Bowl since the 2012 campaign. And three of the four outfits hitting the road on Saturday and Sunday are underdogs by seven points or more. But a few of these teams already have experience pulling off upsets, as three of the lower-seeded teams triumphed last weekend.

Whether that trend continues remains to be seen, as only three of USA TODAY Sports’ seven prognosticators projected even a single upset ahead.

But with that in mind, we asked NFL writers and editors from USA TODAY Sports and the USA TODAY Network: Which team that had a first-round bye is at greatest risk of crashing out of the playoffs this weekend?

Their answers: 

My inclination is to say none of them, given the record of bye-week teams in the divisional round. But of any host team, the most vulnerable would seem to be the Green Bay Packers. Their offense has been inconsistent the entire…