SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports’ NFL insiders Jarrett Bell, Lindsay H. Jones and Lorenzo Reyes make their bold selections for the first two games of the NFL’s postseason.

Could the New England Patriots be on the verge of imploding? An ESPN story published early Friday detailed rifts between coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady, Brady’s alleged demand that backup Jimmy Garoppolo be traded (a wish owner Robert Kraft reportedly supported … and maybe later regretted), apparent admissions from team insiders that the merits of the Deflategate case were legitimate and, perhaps most important, that the only NFL dynasty of the 21st century might be on the verge of splintering.

Should that be the case, what could be more fun than speculating on where the fallout — meaning the team’s main characters — might land? Could Belichick leave in a huff (maybe he’d return to the New York Giants, who have an opening)? Might one of his coordinators, Josh McDaniels or Matt Patricia, be promoted if their longtime mentor departs? And/or whither Brady, the greatest…