SportsPulse: Mackenzie Salmon breaks down the four teams that occupy the NFC North and discusses how each team will or won’t make it to the playoffs.


How can an NFL team effectively evaluate a head coach in 2020?

In any year, delving beyond records to determine responsibility or fault can be difficult. In a season already drastically altered by the coronavirus pandemic, however, the task is sure to be even more challenging. From navigating a new set of protocols to preparing for contingencies in case of outbreaks, all coaches will have to focus on much more than player development and game prep. And many of the scenarios they might face could be beyond their control.

Nevertheless, the NFL is not a league in which franchises typically afford mulligans to its top decision makers. Just eight teams have retained their current coach since 2014 or earlier, and 16 have made a change since 2018. And while this year’s unique landscape — including a playoff field expanded to 14 teams — might afford some coaches another opportunity, others won’t be so fortunate.

With Week 1 starting Thursday, here’s our look at the five coaches with the…