Weekly Pulse: We’ve hit the halfway point in the season, and its time to examine how the teams are doing around the league.


The shrewdest moves of the NFL offseason aren’t always immediately apparent.

Free agency, trades and the draft all tend to provoke volatile, knee-jerk reactions. And while sometimes those first assessment can be spot on, there are countless other instances in which the first take is later proven to be a bit off. 

This past spring and summer saw several big names move around in surprising fashion. Plenty of those decisions have paid off handsomely, but not all of the most fruitful transactions were immediately recognized as beneficial. 

With more than half the season now in the books, USA TODAY Sports asked its NFL reporters and columnists: What was the best team move of the offseason?

Their answers:

Jarrett Bell

Although last weekend’s showing might suggest otherwise, it’s still Tom Brady signing with the Bucs. Despite all of the uh-oh moments, we’ve still seen flashes. It takes time. You’ve got to expect that by the end of the season, TB12…