For the last few years, the sports lexicon has become increasingly fueled by Wall Street lingo. We casually talk about buying or selling stock in players and teams, mostly as an avatar for whether we think they have a bright future or not. 

But this week’s actual stock market frenzy surrounding GameStop and others brings to mind an interesting question: Which entities in sports would we sell short? In other words, which “commodities” would we anticipate declining in value this year with huge risk exposure if we were wrong and the stock price kept going up? Here are eight to consider: 

The Brooklyn Nets

The trade for James Harden has created a Big Three with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving that nobody in the NBA can match — at least on the offensive end. But we’ll take the position that this isn’t a Finals team as currently constructed. The Nets are 25th in defensive rating, 24th in defensive rebound percentage, 30th in second-chance points allowed and 28th in points allowed in the paint. It’s a fun product to watch, but the fundamentals of this business seem shaky. That’s not an…