Families are reuniting inside the NBA bubble. Watch these sweet moments unfold.


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The game temporarily stopped, but that did not stop Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook from still competing.

Lakers guard Danny Green attempted to sneak in an extra 3-point shot during a dead-ball situation. Westbrook would not allow it, though. He closed out toward Green, and then continuously tried to strip the ball away. Green still held onto the ball before an official finally collected it. But the meaningless play captured an important message.

“We’re not going to allow extra shots. You can shoot those shots tomorrow or before the game,” Westbrook said. “At least me personally, I let my guys know I don’t want to give no advantage, no nothing, to let them know that we’re here. If you’re going to shoot the ball, we’re going to be right there.”

The play did not affect the game’s outcome. Yet, it fully captured why the Rockets finished with a 112-97 win over the Lakers on Friday in Game 1 of the Western…