The NHL has approved expansion draft rules designed to provide the new Vegas Golden Knights the best talent supply an expansion team has ever received.

But that doesn’t mean the Golden Knights will load up on 20-goal scorers and impact defensemen.

NHL teams can protect either seven forwards, three defensemen and one goalie or one goalie and any combination of eight forwards and defensemen. First- and second-year professionals don’t have to be protected.

Teams are also required to make available at least one defenseman with 40 games played this season or 70 games over the past two seasons, plus two forwards meeting the same requirement.

Each NHL team will lose only one player to the Golden Knights. The expectation: Teams with talented players to lose will trade them before the June 21 expansion draft. Golden Knights general manager George McPhee likely will also make deals, acquiring assets, not to draft certain players. They might also receive a collection of draft picks and prospects to draft high-salaried players that other NHL…