Tiger Woods’ putting stroke is ailing, and “The Putt Doctor’’ is in the house. As are a couple of other putting gurus ready to diagnose Woods’ problem.

“The biggest thing I’d say personally is that he spent so much time on his swing that other parts of his game suffer, and this is one of them,’’ Craig Farnsworth, a sports vision optometrist also known as “The Putt Doctor,” told USA TODAY Sports. “I think that you have to keep working on your strengths, and sometimes people forget that and spend way too much time on the how to’s or mechanics and lose some of the athleticism and that can creep over into every aspect of the game.’’

Not all golf gurus agree with Farnsworth, but no one disputes that Woods must correct his putting woes that manifested at the Wells Fargo Championship last week if he has any hope of winning his first PGA Tour event since 2013, much less his first major since the 2008 U.S. Open.

Until last week, Woods this season has at times been stellar on the greens, ranking among the…